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Atid Lod MUN Club is glad to invite you to our ninth ATIDMUN, run by the Atid Lod High School for Excellence and Scientific Leadership in the Community Model United Nations club, on November 29-30, 2023.

Atid Lod MUN Club members have attended more than 40 national and international MUN conferences and have gained mentoring, chairing and delegating experience. Our next step was organizing the SHAMUN (Shavuot MUN) Conference in June 2017, followed by ATIDMUN 2017 and 2018, which had great success. Then came 2019 when we both learnt from participating in TIMEMUN, GALMUN, ShareMUN, HadassimMUN, Oxford Global, CahschoolMUN, PORGMUN,  and hosted a 2-day conference. The rest is history of a succession of on-line and F2F conferences, embracing both participation and hosting the MUN events

when both face-to-face and virtual training sessions are provided before the conference. Our staff and chairs are more than happy to help you with your papers and procedural preps.

​On behalf of ATIDMUN Staff, we would like to wish you an intellectually challenging and enjoyable MUN adventure.


In Model United Nations programs held all over the world, students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. Outstanding delegates in each committee are recognized with award certificates. Thousands of Israeli junior and senior high schoolers and college students across the country and around the world participate in Model United Nations Conferences, which involves substantial researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, writing,  public speaking, debating, and developing your leadership skills of negotiation, persuasion and coalition management, inspiring your peers and resolving national and international problems.

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