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The League of Arab States


Double Delegation

Topic A: 

Preparing for the Next Arab Spring.

Topic B: 

Drafting a Containment Policy for Iran.


The League of Arab States, or Arab League, was formed in Cairo March 22, 1945, for the purpose of securing Arab unity. In its early years, the Arab League concentrated mainly on economic, cultural and social programs. In 1959, it held the first petroleum congress and, in 1964, established the Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization. Many Arab citizens perceive themselves as one people divided among a number of states with history, geography, language, culture, and socio-economic interests propelling them to forge one great Arab Nation (Arabism). The League meets periodically, with its main decision-making council convening biannually. Though unanimous decisions of the council are supposed to be binding on all members, individual states have often gone their own way.

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