International Press Summit

Topic A: Drafting New Guidelines for the Age of Social Media Journalism.

Topic B: Taking Collective Action as the Global Press Community to Safeguard Journalistic Freedom Worldwide.


Welcome to the world of Journalism - the world of mass media, digital Information, freedom of speech and other important topics. Have you ever wondered what stands behind news titles? If the answer is yes, then this committee is perfect for you. In a world where social media has become all-pervading, the accessibility and influence of the press mean that it has the potential to alter society tremendously, whether by promoting civil rights, exposing corrupt governments or by broadcasting malicious rhetoric and indoctrinating the audience.

We are more than excited to introduce our International Press Summit, whose delegates will take on the role of news and press company representatives as they learn about journalism, its role, and the changes it has been going through in the 21st century. As each of you takes on the role of journalists from global news agencies with differing political alignments, it will be up to you to think critically about the IPS agenda issues and consider what the role of the media really is.

Our first issue will look at the new era of social media journalism, and how this can be used for the spreading of news. The advantages are clear. But what are the dangers of social media journalism? What guidelines do we need in place in order to stop them? What are the criteria of unbiased journalism? As IPS delegates, you will find answers to these questions and gain a more insightful look at the news you see every day.

Our second topic is to decide on a course of action after the tragic killing of Jamal Khashoggi. What is the right thing to do? Where do we look for answers? How much should we cover? In this tough time, the IPS is responsible for shaping the world’s view on the matter.

These topics, combined with fruitful debate, will make the most of your MUN knowledge, and the result will be solutions of the highest standards.