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An archive of last year's training sessions

Research-Position Paper - Opening Statement

Workshop; Content session for SPECPOL

October 17 Sunday 17.30--20.30

Pedagogical Advisor -Royee Nachlieli

Preambulatory and Operative Clauses Workshop


October 21, 2021   Thursday    18.00-21.00  

Pedagogical Advisor Daniel Gindis

Access Passcode: ^fU^100%

Writing resolutions and amendments workshop

Content and SC ROP session

November 4  Thursday  18.00-21.00  

Pedagogical Advisor Daniel Gindis

Rules of Procedure and Simulations, Simulations, Simulations,...;

Crisis Committee Content and Rules of Procedure Session

 17.30- 20.30 November 14 Sunday

Pedagogical Advisor Royee Nachlieli

Coalition Building and Amendments

Daniel Gindis -November 4


Omer Naziri- November 4

ATIDMUNVII  Rules of Procedure

Roi Nachlieli's Presentation

Rules of Procedure

Daniel Gindis' Workshop on the topic of Zoom Specifics and Procedure.

December 1, 2020

Writing Position Papers and Opening Statements

Daniel Gindis' Workshop on the topic of  Speeches and Position papers 

November 11, 2020

Resolutions and Clauses

Writing workshop that was given by Royee Nachlieli


November 25, 2020

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