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At the HSC committee, things are going very well. 


One very interesting topic that they were talking about was Saddam Hussein. 

Hussein started his regime in Iraq from 1979 until 2013, and all these years affected many countries around the world. Each country had an opinion on what to do with this issue - that being Hussein's existence. You see, Hussein ignored the basic human rights that his citizens deserved, and just deleted them.


When this topic popped up in the HSC committee, many delegates had a list of comments and things to tell about our dear man. The delegate of France commented: “Just don’t sit by, and let him (Hussein) gain power over the middle east”. The delegate of the United State agreed: “Saddam Hussein is a terrorist that can cause major problems in the world. And if today we are talking about Iraq that he destroyed, what will be tomorrow?”. The delegate of the United States presented an interesting side of the problem at hand - what would countries say, if Hussein was “rolling” in their country and how would they work it out? 


Yaman answered our question “How come it's completely fine to come to other people’s countries and declare it's our problem and “help us”?”. And added that “The reason for the conflict is you. How can we go on with our life, when each country came and gained power in our country and asked other countries to stay back?”. There is a great point to Yemen’s sayings, one that we should definitely consider.


Some countries came together today and suggested helping different countries with the problems they had  - but let me tell you a secret, many countries that have tried to solve these problems in the past failed big time!


I'm looking forward to seeing how the final resolution, on the topic of Saddam Hussein, will look. How can they stop more terrorists from gaining this much power and controlling the world?

The committee of SPECPOL is talking about the problem of underdeveloped countries around the world. We have some interesting delegates that are working together on a solution for the problem at hand that will benefit them all. Each one of them, during their opening speeches, said different things. 


The Delegate of Canada believes that “We don't need to fight with fire and also believe that we don't need to find a solution outside of the country”. Many other delegates have agreed with the delegate of Canada but are still trying to understand what exactly Canada means by that - How can we find a solution outside of the country?...


The delegate of South Sudan said at the beginning of the Committee that “Damage has been done to my country, and its citizens” and begged the delegates for help, classic MUN!


One interesting thing that was said during that time was in Guinea’s speech. The delegate talked about a task force that could benefit all the countries and that “We need to stand by for a bigger, more dangerous situation”. “How can it be more dangerous than it is now?” one of the delegate asked as a response. 


The problem that the committee of SPECPOL is discussing has affected many countries. By those causing major problems in developing countries such as South Sudan, Iraq, and South Africa. The list can go on and on - forever even. Many countries have been affected by that, but not all of them get help. And we are here hoping that by the end of this committee, our distinguished delegates will find a peace offering for this problem!

It’s 16:15, which means it’s time for afternoon news.

Presented by: Fox News, Le Monde, Times of Israel.

Committee: NATO

The NATO committee had many gossip box breaks, yet one of them was making the crowd question: Is it really a gossip box? Because oh my God, people were crushing all over Germany and Norway.  One of the delegates even decided to shoot her shot, saying: “ Norway is so hot, does he have a girlfriend?”. Unfortunately, the Norwegian delegate sweetly rejected her saying: “I have a girlfriend, sorry!”.


This committee discusses one topic “the expansion of the NATO” relating it to the crisis committees. The main block is led by Germany, whose position against the expansion of NATO, is drawing much attention.  France, Turkey and Portugal all support his position, claiming that and I quote from the Turkish delegate: “We believe that expanding NATO will lead to more wars, as Russia already started a war on Ukraine not for entering NATO but for just trying to. We want this to stop immediately, no more wars.”

As a supporter of Germany and other countries, Portugal stated clearly that: “Portugal is putting on the table the possibility to bomb Russia!”

Reporting live from the NATO committee’s room, after opening the gossip box for probably the 10th time today, a delegate pointed out that the representative of the USA has a natural eyeliner. Even though it’s incredibly true, the delegate said dramatically: “ ughhh, why does everybody say that!”.  His reaction was so spontaneous the whole room burst out laughing. Please note - he’s a boy and he looks “naturally stunning”, according to sources close to him (AKA the people in the committee).

Reporting live from: Fox News, Le MONDE, Times of Israel.

Committee: SOCHUM A&B.

This committee holds 2 topics at AtidMUN 8th conference. The majority of the delegates chose to discuss the topic of “Access to health and education in prisons and alternatives to imprisonment”.

In SOCHUM B, clearly, there was a sensitivity regarding this topic in many 3rd world countries, especially Thailand. Thailand’s delegate dramatically slammed a picture of a woman that was killed a year ago, firmly demanding that not even a single penny would be invested into beneficial use for prisoners, especially criminals. After surprising the committee with such a dramatic performance and strong opinion, she continued asking the audience to take the rest of her policy statement time as a moment of silence for the woman that was killed. o7

In SOCHUM A, the sound of boredom was too loud - too many motions were on the floor, but that wasn’t in any way helpful. Surprisingly delegates rejected many fun and interesting motions. The Democratic Republic of Congo suggested discussing “How first world countries can help with the condition of prisoners in 3rd world countries”. The motion was met with huge rejection from the delegates. Morocco's motion “Education in prison”, the most general and boring motion that can ever be suggested for such a topic, successfully passed with the majority agreeing on it. But as expected, not much new and interesting information was added during the discussion.

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